1st, 2nd, 3rd chance at credit... A solution for each and every one of you

No matter what your credit situation is, we are able to offer you a car financing solution. Our secure credit request form on the Internet allows you to request credit in a secure way in the comfort of your home. Submit your credit request online with complete confidence or contact one of our financial managers!

Regular credit

Auto Canada Transaction benefits from prime rate agreements with several well-known bank institutions. You don't have to go to your financial institution or make an appointment with your banker. Our financial managers negotiate your loan for you directly on location. Another advantage in dealing with Auto Canada Transaction! No cash is asked for these transactions and you can benefit from many terms of payment. Contracted loans are open loans, which means that you won't pay any penalty if you pay your loan in a shorter period of time. Some financial institutions also offer variable lending rates that customers appreciate so much. For more information, please contact our financial managers!

Alternative credit

Your car loan will be accepted even if you are experiencing the following situations:

  • No credit record
  • Independent worker
  • Undischarged bankruptcy
  • 2nd bankruptcy
  • Debt financing
  • Consumer proposal
  • Voluntary remittance
  • Late payments
  • First job
  • Divorce
  • Small income(some conditions apply)

Advantages of alternative credit at Auto Canada Transaction

  • Getting a certified, recent and quality vehicle despite your credit situation
  • Courteous, warm and confidential service, always respecting of individuals no matter what their credit situation
  • Benefit from the best price on the market
  • Exclusive credit partners to Auto Canada Transaction
  • Transparency during the entire transaction
  • Restoration of your credit
  • Loan listed at credit offices

Auto Canada Transaction suggestions

Be realistic

When you make a request for any big loan, it is important to be honest with our financial managers about your past and recent financial situation. If you want to restore your financial health, nothing is more important than adopting the right behavior. If you think you're able to do it, you will succeed. We have to remind you that mistakes from the past aren't eternal-negative elements will disappear from your credit profile. With some time and effort, you can repair the mistakes that you've made.

While remaining realistic, we will do all we can to allow you to get the car of your dreams no matter what your credit situation is.

Auto Canada Transaction, Simply your best transaction!!!